First, I need to apologize for not sending out a daily fishing report. So, here is a recap of the week we spent perch fishing with Josee & Jamie at Kanipahow Wilderness Resort.

Our hosts greeted us with smiles and greetings upon arrival at Kanipahow Wilderness resort. We received a complete and thorough briefing on the do’s and don’ts to make our week with them a pleasant experience for all of us.

This fishing trip was in search of JUMBO perch. Josee, known as the “Perch Queen” gave us basic instructions on where to find the perch and how to set up our fishing gear to catch them. Perch fishing at Kanipahow isn’t rocket science. About any rod and reel setup will work. My recommendations would be a 7′ medium rod and reel combo with at least 10 pound test fishing line. For hook sizes, I used #6 TRU-TURN with 15 pound fluorocarbon leader. Some of the guys used 1/8 oz. painted jig heads. A slip bobber was preferred about 4 foot of line at the bobber stop, fine tuning the depth as necessary when finding the feeding perch. Bait, about an inch of nightcrawler slid onto the hook did the trick real well.

The perch we found were primarily in the areas of wild rice beds along the edges of the lake and feeder system that entered into Chapleau Lake. It seamed that fishing off the edge of the open water did not produce as well as when we put the 14 foot boat right into the wild rice and dropped the bait into small openings of the wild rice. If there was a perch in the area of the “hole in the rice” when you dropped in the bait, a bite could happen fast. If the bite slowed or stopped, all ya needed to do is move about 10 feet and try new “holes” in the wild rice.

We did catch a lot of perch. We were real happy to hook a 8, 9, or 10 inch perch for the evening fish fry. On average, we would clean fifteen to twenty perch for five guys evening fish fry.