Black Bear Behavior

In late summer-early fall, Black Bears around Chapleau, Ontario, Canada, typically exhibit behaviors associated with preparing for the upcoming winter months. It is a crucial time for Bears to bulk up on calories in preparation for winter hibernation. They enter a phase known as ‘hyperphagia’, where their primary focus is on consuming as many calories as possible (as much as 20,000 calories per day). This often involves foraging for berries, nuts, insects, and other available food sources.

The late summer has increasingly coincided with the ripening of various fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries, pin cherries, hazelnuts and the ever-popular blueberry. We can state with confidence through our decades of hunting experience that the blueberry crop size and duration of the harvest season are critical to our Hunters’ success.

At Kanipahow we start baiting a minimum of 6 weeks (after July long weekend) before the Fall Season Bear Hunt (Aug 15th) in order to establish our presence in the chosen area within our vast BMA (Bear Management Area). We monitor the size and number of Boars, Sows and Cubs using trail cams so that we can better manage our Bear population as well as to enhance the day sighting opportunities for our Guest Hunters. Our Guests are assured of an active bait site with either a tree stand or shooting platform provided.

Bears may be more active around water sources during late summer, as they need to stay hydrated, especially after consuming dry or high-fiber foods. While Black Bears are generally solitary animals, you may observe increased solitary behavior during late summer as individuals focus on feeding and preparing for the winter. However, it’s not uncommon to see mother Bears with Cubs during this time, as the Cubs learn essential survival skills from their mothers.

While Black Bears are generally shy and tend to avoid human contact, it’s important for humans to take precautions in Bear Country. As Bears are focused on feeding during late summer, accidental encounters can occur, so it’s crucial to store food properly and follow Bear Safety Guidelines. Keep in mind that individual bear behavior can vary, and the availability of food sources plays a significant role in shaping their activities. If you are in bear country, it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings, follow proper safety measures, and respect the natural behaviors of these animals.

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