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Our area is vast and covers a few Hunting Wildlife Management Units, which are designated geographical areas that are managed for the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife.


Our area is vast and covers a couple of Fishing Zones, which are designated areas where fishing activities are regulated and managed to ensure the sustainability of fish populations and the health of aquatic ecosystems.


Fishing & Hunting Rates may vary depending on several factors, including the type of game or fish being hunted, the seasonality of the activity, and the location and accessibility of the hunting or fishing grounds.

Great Canadian Fishing

out of Chapleau located in Northern Ontario.

We provide waterfront cabins and remote drive-in outpost camps. We fish for Walleye, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch, Small Mouth Bass and Lake Trout. Kanipahow (Ka-ni-pa-how) Wilderness Resort and Outposts is located in a remote area of North Eastern Ontario 3 hours north of the Sault Ste. Marie Michigan border 9.5 hours north of the Buffalo, New York border. Kanipahow is a resort type setting right next to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve (World’s Largest). At our main base drive-in location we offer five fully equipped modern waterfront housekeeping cabins, including electricity, 4 pieces washroom facilities in each cabin, heat, satellite TV, & Wifi. All nestled along the shores of the beautiful Chapleau Lake offering outstanding views of the breathtaking Northern sunsets.

The Chapleau River with its 13 miles of boating and its many adjacent lakes produces excellent Walleye, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch fishing. Just a short drive away Lake Trout and Brook Trout fishing can be enjoyed as well. We also offer fall moose, bear and world class spruce and ruffed grouse hunting. Bring your ATV’s and explore the many miles of old logging roads as well as discover your own remote lake to fish. Not all cell phones work at our Main Resort location, please check with your provider to see if yours does. Internet service is available at main resort location only.

Some of the best fishing

in Northern Ontario!

Rental Equipment at the Main Resort include: Boats, motors, canoes and fishing equipment. We have a excellent boat launch area for those of you wishing to bring your own boat (docking fee may apply). For those of you with private aircraft, the Chapleau Airport is just a few miles away (transportation to and from airport can be arranged) for those of you on floats, you can park right at your door step.

Remote drive-in/boat-in Outpost camps are also available for those of you wishing a true Wilderness Experience and Adventure. All our remote camps offer one cabin per lake settings. All outpost camps are fully equipped housekeeping cabins. The remote settings allow for an abundance of wildlife viewing that can be appreciated by the experienced sportsperson and the novice alike. Our outpost camps offer exceptional Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Whitefish fishing. There is no cell service at any of our Outposts. Included in our Outpost packages: Guide In Assistance, Housekeeping Cabin, Boats, Motors and Gasoline. For our remote drive-in boat-in Outposts you meet us at a pre-designated time and location and then follow us to the parking location at the lake of your choice. We load your gear into the boats and take you right to the cabin and see that you are all set up for a week’s fishing.

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